NEW Premade Theme: WordPress #03 (Responsive)


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Premade Theme: Coppermine #3 (Responsive)

This is one of the first themes I created as a “pre-made” theme, but I still love the simplicity of it. I decided it was finally time to update the theme and it’s now a fully responsive theme and looks beautiful on mobile devices! Hope y’all enjoy!


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Combo Package #01 Now Responsive!

Hey all!

So, I’ve been super busy the last few months with school and other off-line stuff, and updating my existing themes sadly was pushed to the back of the list of things to do. Well, I spent a good deal of my night today working on the first, and continue to work on the rest this week! I have these up at my Sellfy page (the old, non-responsive themes have been taken down for now) but you are welcome to purchase them with the links below 🙂

wp01 cpg01

WordPress #01
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WordPress/Coppermine Combo #01
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Since the Coppermine theme in the combo package uses the WordPress stylesheet, I currently do not have the Coppermine theme by itself available for purchase. I will, however, edit the theme so that those who wish to purchase just the Coppermine theme can do so 🙂

WordPress Premade #004 (Responsive!)

I’ve just finished my first FULLY responsive WordPress theme and it’s now available for purchase and use from my sellfy page! Hope you all enjoy! For the rest of the week it’s 25% off when you share the link on social media to check it out soon!


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