October Discounts!

Hey everyone!

October is the month of discounts! You can use the coupon code OCT2016 here at the site as well as on sellfy to get 25% off your order for the whole month!

Over on Sellfy, only the following products are eligible for discount:

When ordering a custom theme on the site, make sure to add the coupon at the bottom! The discount will not be applied to header only orders.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the main page of the site to see my most recent onliners!

Still Accepting!

I’m going to be busy this weekend moving into our new house (!!!) but next week I’ll be ready to work hard on some more grand opening orders!!! I’m extending the grand opening deal of 25% orders to ALL, not just FSO hostees. But remember, you MUST use the coupon GND otherwise you won’t get the discount! The form should be working now too, so feel free to send you orders in ASAP!

Grand (re)Opening!

It’s the official Grand Opening of this site, but, it’s also a re-opening of my design services, I guess. It sounds weird, but whatever.

Anyway, I’m officially accepting new orders and for FSO hostees, there’s a 25% off coupon you MUST use when submitting an order though the site, use coupon GND. If you PM me at the forums, you don’t need to mention the coupon, because you are obviously an FSO hostee if you have access to the forum 😛

Special Summer Deal

Orders are now open again, I will be taking on 10 orders because of this Special Summer Deal, so the wait time for your order may be up to a week delayed more than usual.

Fan Sites Network hostees will get 50% off any WordPress or Coppermine theme as well as any combo package! Anyone not hosted at FSO will get 25% off the same packages! This deal will last until the 10 order spots are filled!