Designs by Cordy is my third site dedicated to designing websites. The first was Crazy Cordy Designs, which was a subdomain on crazycordy.net. I didn’t get a lot of traffic, and the sites I enjoy working on the most are fansites, so I decided to start a new site, getting it hosted at The Fansites Network so I could start networking a bit. There developed Autumn Sky Design. I really grew working on this site, my designs have gotten a bit better, and I feel that my coding has gained leaps and bounds in the last few months.

In May 2014, my fanlisting domain, chosen.nu, was going to expire soon and I finally bit the bullet and shelled out $50+ to register a highly coveted by me domain, cordy.nu. I’m a little sad to see crazycordy go, as it’s been my home for 5 years or so, but I really enjoy having one domain as a kind of “hub” for the rest of my sites, on sub-domains.