Here are a few testimonials from previous (and current) customers. My old design sites, Crazy Cordy Designs and Autumn Sky, have been replaced with [Courtney] or [she] within the quoted testimonials.

“Courtney’s designs are just AMAZING! She made a layout for me the way I pictured it to turn out. Her designing skills are phenomenal.” —Jessica

“Courtney is an extremely talented designer. She’s made me several layouts since I met her last spring all of which have turned out amazing. She’s very quick and her prices are extremely reasonable. I’ve used others in the past but from now on I’ll continue to use Courtney for my layouts. With her I always know I’m gonna get quality work and a layout I absolutely love.” —Chrisie

“Courtney’s designs are just Fantastic, She has made me a few layouts which I have been extremely happy with and she is very quick. Courtney has amazing design skills.” —Cheryl

“[Courtney] is fantastic! You get quality work for a fair price. [She] is helpful, very friendly, timely and obviously takes pride in her work! Would recommend her to others and will use her services again.” —Jessica

“I ordered a layout for my website http://mariska-hargitayfan.nl at Courtney’s site! It is a very beautiful layout! And Courtney was very friendly when I had some questions about the layout! I really come back for order a layout for my other sites soon :)!” —Marijke

“Courtney’s designs are absolutely beautiful! I ordered a few designs in the past and she has always exceeded my expectations! Her designs are professional and extremely unique. I would definitely order from her again!” —Samantha

“Courtney’s designs are fantastic, speedy and efficient, made sure in detail what I wanted and lived up to her promise in delivering them, would definitely recommend her and would order again.” —Vicki